Sunday, August 12

Maserati XXX Lapdance And Getting Her Huge Titties Oiled

Time to get your mitts back on Maserati XXX's unbelievable big natural tits! ;) That's the kind of rhyme we can get behind, because Maserati is truly the kind of lady whose huge naturals deserve a good oil massage and lots of TLC. This is the second installment of Maserati's amazing POV lap dance video and the way we got to play with her massive breasts in this one is one we won't soon forget, and neither will you!

Thursday, July 12

Maserati Boobalicious Newcomer Boffed!

Newcomer Maserati returns with her amazing 36Hs and this time she gets into a passionate clinch with Kid Jamaica. Dressed in a pretty blue flowered bra and panty set, she comes down a stairway to greet the Kid, soon pressing his face into her cleavage. With a grin that seems to say, “I’ve hit the jackpot!” the Kid unearths her melons from her bra and sucks her nipples before Maserati gets down on her haunches and sucks his gigantic cock. Then the Kid sits on the floor and strokes himself while eating her pussy, before she takes him between her bells for some tittie-fucking. Throughout this set, Maserati often looks out at us, pulling us into the experience. There are great shots of the Kid’s sausage squeezed between her knockers as Maserati presses them together over his rigid inches. They lay down on the couch and he boffs her in the spoon style so that in the HD video we can see her gazongas shift and sway and wobble and jiggle with every thrust of his shaft. Maserati gazes at us over the crest of her cantaloupes as he bangs her from behind.

Monday, April 16

Maserati XXX Biggest Tits Ever

It's been a long day at work and need to relax. You've been conducting interviews all day for a new secretary. One of them sticks out in your head of African American descent that makes your cock throb. Then you stumble across Maserati XXX and her 36HH tits! By far the biggest and darkest tits you've ever seen. She shows up to your door with a welcoming smile. You are rock hard, Anticipating her entrance. You've always wanted to stick your white dick into some chocolate pussy. She quickly gets to work, sucking and fucking. Come in to see what Maserati does to you next!

Monday, March 19

Maserati XXX Gloryhole Initiations

This strip club should charge its customer two covers: One for Maserati and another because of her enormous tits. We've front row to Maserati XXX and she's shaking the goods for some dead presidents. The stage is Maserati's domain and we're in for a show that's going to demand an encore. This is normally the type of club where no shenanigans go down; however, things aren't what they always seem. A couple of anonymous white cocks poke through during Maserati's dance and the lewdness is just about to begin. Maserati XXX forgoes calling over a bouncer and, instead, decides to suck on both white cocks until her esophagus - like the club- is at capacity. Maserati XXX slurps on both faceless white cock until her black pussy is nest for the taking. this busty, black sexpot rides the wall as both white cocks. The club's promoter is none the wiser as Maserati XXX milks both white cocks and it's inevitable that she's earned her cash money.

Monday, January 15

Bounce, Maserati, Bounce!

This dude is about to find out how he fares tackling the incredible assets of Maserati, but first, the bra-busting super-woman treats him to a follow-the-bouncing-boobs show before she slides down his pole in a steaming-hot XXX fuck and suck scene. It would have been wise on this guy's part to take out insurance in case he got injured by those skull-crushers. Maserati said one tit is around ten pounds and the other eight pounds. That amount of weight would have increased his insurance premium, for sure. He did survive his encounter with this Amazon without having to be carried out of the building in a stretcher. It's a great survival story he can always tell his friends over beer.

Monday, October 9

Maserati Busty Blowjob Bliss

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Tuesday, August 22

Maserati XXX CumBang

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